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Love Blooms At Merrill Gardens

Over the years, we have shared so many great stories at Merrill Gardens. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we would like to share with you some of our favorite stories about love and friendship.

Romance At The Creekside

Mary lives at The Creekside (WA). She says she was a ‘late bloomer’ and did not have her first kiss until she was in college at the age of 18. She said that after that she had to kiss a lot of frogs before she finally found her prince Don! They have been married for 60 years!

Love Blooms in Lancaster

How Did Trudy & Daniel meet?

Since moving in to Merrill Gardens, their paths crossed in the dining room from time to time. One day, Trudy asked Daniel if he would like to join her for her morning walks. He said yes, and the pair have been together ever since. To read their full story, click here.

Trudy and Daneil’s story makes our heart melt!

A Colorful Love

Barbara lives at Merrill Gardens at Gilroy (CA) “‘I got married on Valentine’s day. You see I really wanted to have a red wedding, so my choices were Christmas or Valentine’s Day. I wore white of course, but I had all the guests and my groom wear red. I carried a white bouquet with a red ribbon. My bridesmaids all wore red dresses with red flowers. Red is my favorite color you see. I got married on Valentine’s Day, not for romantic reasons, but for aesthetic ones!”

A Queen Anne Love Story

 Another story we love is from Frank and Nancy at Queen Anne. They both moved into the community when it first opened. Neither of them expected to find love but they got to know each other when Frank asked Nancy to dance at a community event and the rest is history! They fell in love, got married on November 8, 2007 with the reception held at Merrill Gardens. He is now 91 and she is 87 and they say they have a new lease on life.

Cheers to you Frank and Nancy!

A Memorable First Kiss

Myrtle lives at Merrill Gardens at Florence (AL) “My first kiss was when I was in 1st grade. He was a handsome young man that I went to school with. I started to school with him in elementary and went all the way through high school with him. He even reminded me of our kiss at the last high school reunion… a long 60 years later!”

Keep Smiling

Leonard and Helen have been married for almost 12 years. They had been friends for 38 years when they both lost their spouses. Their love grew out of friendship when they were both widowed. They say the key to marriage is to keep smiling and hang in there!

A Story of Friendship

When Carol moved into Merrill Gardens at Bankers Hill in San Diego, she thought one of the other residents looked familiar. Turns out she and Pat are both part of the class off 44’ at Milwaukeee Downer, now called Lawrence College, in Appleton, WI. The two are thrilled to be reunited and have become fast friends again!

Love & Patience

Jack & Alfie have been married for 56 years. Jack says the key to marriage is to have lots of patience and to work through all of your problems because love will bring you back together.

We can’t wait to hear more great stories in the years to come! Which was your favorite?

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