Over Five Hundred Years of Life Experience Under One Roof!

Living to be 100 years old is quite the accomplishment and certainly calls for a celebration. So imagine how big the party needs to be when there are five people who have hit the century mark living under one roof.

That’s the story at our Mountlake Terrace community just outside of Seattle where we have five centenarians. That is a whole lot of life experience in one place. It’s certainly a first for Merrill Gardens!

Eleanor Kurtzweg is the ‘youngest’ – she just turned 100. The other four centenarians are 100-year-olds Josephine Johnson, Dorine Overton, Mildred Schmidt, and 104-year-old Theresa Pfennig.

This impressive accomplishment caught the attention of KING5 TV News recently and the ladies got their chance to take center stage and share their wisdom.


These women have such rich life experiences and we are so lucky they are willing to share them with us. Here is the story from KING TV. Enjoy!