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It’s a Ruff Life – More Merrill Gardens Pet Stories

We’re closing out April with tails, er, tales of more wonderful felines and canines that live with our residents.

If you’re a pet owner – you’ll appreciate what these friends bring to the table. If you aren’t one yet, these may make you want one.

Merrill Gardens at Willow Glen
Jean and Booby
Jean and BoobyHow cute are these two? Meet our resident Jean and her pet Chihuahua Booby. When Booby isn’t napping, she loves to take her short legs out for a walk. Booby, not Jean. Though Jean likes to walk as well.

When Jean’s husband was sick, her daughter rescued Booby from a shelter and the two became instant companions. Now Booby is 7 years old, and celebrating her 7th month in our community!

Merrill Gardens at Albertville
Ramona and Heather
Ramona and HeatherWhat were you doing back in 2003? That’s when Ramona and Heather hitched up, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

After Ramona’s first cat passed, she decided she’d live pet-free for a while. But when a friend of hers met Heather, the decision was taken out of her hands. Even though Ramona protested at first, the friend would not take no for an answer. One day, while Ramona was gone on vacation, her friend picked up the cat. When Ramona returned home, Heather strolled right up to her new mom, as if she knew that she was exactly where she was meant to be. They’ve been together ever since.

Merrill Gardens at First Hill
First Hill is home to a number of playful pets, and a few dogs working for their keep.

First, let’s meet Julie and her 15 year old cat Romeo. The two have cuddled on the couch at Merrill Gardens for more than three years.

Then there’s Jane and her eight year old dog Joey, who was adopted in Salono 2 two years ago. It was love at first site for Jane, and the sweet and calm Joey is also adored by our team and residents.

Jane and Joey


Next we meet two of the hardest working dogs in show business. When you head into a little physical therapy session, you’ll meet these guys. Don’t you want to take a little PT just to hang out with them?

Jessie & Patrick and Charlie & Lucky
Jessie and PatrickCharlie and Lucky


Kay and Bear
Merrill Gardens at Willow Glen
Kay and Bear

Kay has been our front desk receptionist for four years, and Bear is her Pomeranian puppy. Bear was a surprise gift from Kay’s boyfriend, but the present extends to all of Willow Glen, where he plays with his toys and runs around the community. One look at the picture below, and you can see how he got his name.

Gary and MistyMerrill Gardens at Village Green
Gary and Misty

Misty is a six year old female poodle who found her owner through a breeder. Famous around the community for wiggling her little stumpy tail, Misty brings laughter to Gary and the entire Merrill Gardens family.

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It’s Pets Month at Merrill Gardens

April is our month to celebrate the many wonderful felines and canines that live at our communities. We asked our residents to share some stories of their four legged friends. It was tough to get any interesting comments out of the four legged friends, as they mainly gave us a bunch of confused stares (and a couple of barks).  Luckily, our human residents were a lot more talkative!

Here are the first set of stories we’d like to share.

Sophie and Pumpkin & Batman
Merrill Gardens at Campbell, CA
Merrill Gardens at Campbell, CA
Sophie is a pre-nursing college student and the yoga instructor at Merrill Gardens at Campbell. This spring she wanted to take a trip to New York to visit her family, but needed a temporary home for her bunnies, Pumpkin and Batman. The Merrill Gardens community volunteered to take care of the fluffy creatures, where they received constant attention and were loved (nearly) to pieces by the residents, visiting family members, and people on tour visiting our community for the first time. Needless to say, the bunnies were a delight and are invited back anytime to visit. We promise to always have carrots stocked up, just in case!

Bob & Dixie with Gizmo
Merrill Gardens at Willow Glen, CA
Merrill Gardens at Mountlake Terrace
Bob, Dixie and Gizmo have lived in the community since day one. Gizmo and Bob have a standing lunch date each day, followed by a long walk. Gizmo’s favorite part of the walk?  Sitting and watching the traffic go by!  While those two are on their afternoon walk, Dixie cooks Gizmo her dinner.
Bob got Gizmo at two and a half, and she’s now ten. Gizmo is unique in that she’s smaller than your normal Pekingese, her paws are shorter, and in another obstacle towards her getting a basketball scholarship, Gizmo cannot jump at all. Bob’s grandkids gave Gizmo her name after the movie Gremlins, and it fits her perfectly.

Peggy & Jim with Enzo
Mountlake Terrace,
A Merrill Gardens Community, Seattle

Peggy and Enzo
Enzo is the only dog that resides at Merrill Gardens Mountlake Terrace. He belongs to Peggy and Jim. One special note about Enzo is that he’s never left alone, because he tends to worry.  So another wonderful resident, Sandra, takes care of him everyday during the lunch and dinner hours so his parents can eat in the dining room together. This is just another great example of how residents in this community care for one another!

Lea with Moses & Frankie
Merrill Gardens at First Hill, Seattle
Lea Black has been a Merrill Gardens resident for more than three years, where she takes care of her silver Persian cat Moses and her blue-silver son, Frankie. Both cats love to cuddle on the couch with their mom, watching the birds and big cats on Animal Planet. Lea speaks five languages, including Hebrew, which is how Moses got his name. He’s named for the term Moishi, which means teacher. Francis is named after Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

Theresa and Noble
Merrill Gardens at Gilroy, CA
Merrill Gardens at Gilroy
Noble is a fantastic companion whose antics bring laughter and enjoyment. If Noble wanted to (and could get around the paperwork), he’d likely have a great career ahead of him as a personal trainer! He’s Teresa’s workout partner and chief fitness motivator– encouraging her to exercise and take him for walks.


Myrtle and Muffin
Merrill Gardens at Albertville, AL
Merrill Gardens at Albertville
Myrtle and her cat Muffin have been companions for six years. The two joined up when Muffin showed up at her house one night, making a clatter outside. She heard a knocking, scratching and meowing. When her husband opened the front door to investigate, the little rascal bolted inside. Muffin’s been with her ever since.

One of Muffin’s cuter qualities is her human-like ability to pout. When this cat is told “No,” she turns around and sits on the armchair with her back to Myrtle like she is mad– until her owner finally gives in (which is most of the time).

Stay tuned for more stories of cuddly companions from all our Merrill Gardens communities.

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