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Seniors Are Living Longer Lives

Over the past century, the lifespan of an average person has increased drastically. In today’s world, seniors are living longer than ever before. In years past, the peak of age averaged at anywhere from 60-70. Today, seniors have greatly outlived and surpassed these numbers – some living to be over 110!
Healthy Living
With medical advances in recent years, many diseases that once were fatal now can be easily cured accounting for this increase in lifespan. In a recent article on Redding.com, Dr. Arlen Burger states that ” Healthy living can extend your life span and help you to enjoy your longer time on Earth.” Enjoying a healthy lifestyle includes activities such as partaking in moderate amounts of exercise, eating a well balanced diet, and having a positive outlook on life.

Dr. Arlen also noted that “Overcoming years of unhealthy habits is extremely difficult to overcome. Starting an exercise program feels impossible when it hurts to move because joints are bearing the burden of extra weight. Smokers find it hard to participate in aerobic activities because they can’t catch their breath. The barriers to practicing a healthy lifestyle are tremendous for those who are overweight, smoke or are hung over from a night of drinking.”

Practicing a healthy lifestyle may be challenging at times – the support of a friend or loved ones can often help keep you on the right track. Setting goals to achieve the healthy lifestyle you wish to lead can also be helpful in reaching your goals. With a healthy lifestyle comes a more enjoyable journey into the latter ages.

In future years, many have predicted that the lifespan of a human will only continually increase. What do you plan to do with your extra years?

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