Virtual Choir: Seniors Joining Online Singing Communities

In a society where digital connections are becoming more and more common, the world of music has found a new stage: the virtual choir! This phenomenon has not only changed how music is made, but has also unified people of all ages and backgrounds. Seniors' involvement in these virtual singing groups is especially remarkable, as they find solace, companionship, and the joy of harmonizing with others despite geographical boundaries.

How Virtual Choirs Work

A virtual choir is a choir whose members don't meet physically but work together online from different locations.

One of the most compelling aspects of virtual choirs for seniors is the accessibility they provide. Some older adults face limitations in attending traditional choir rehearsals for a variety of reasons.

However, with virtual choirs, these concerns can be alleviated. For instance, seniors can participate from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for strenuous travel or physical exertion.

Seniors who use hearing aids could find participating in a "same-room" choir challenging because of sound interference from multiple sources. However, they can benefit from the more direct digital sound of a virtual choir.

The Benefits of Choir Singing for Seniors

The Social Benefits

Among the many benefits of choir singing is the sense of community it offers. Participating in a choir can help people connect with peers and form new friendships. Singing in a choir promotes teamwork and allows seniors to enjoy a sense of accomplishment. 

The Physical Benefits

Singing is a great way to remain active and it can help improve posture, lower blood pressure, and increase lung capacity.

Mental and Psychological Benefits

Improving mental well-being has been more vital – and now studies have proven that singing online might be the perfect remedy for coping with daily stressors.

A study by University College London (UCL) has shown that singing in a virtual choir can provide emotional and mental health benefits similar to singing in a live choir.

Results proved that participants (2,316 choral singers) not only felt happier, but also experienced a considerable boost in their self-esteem.

The study also supports the views of other ancient philosophers, like Aristotle, who believed that shared creative experiences cultivated feelings of happiness. 

Cognitive Health Benefits

Learning new songs, memorizing melodies and lyrics, and following the conductor's cues can stimulate and keep the brain active. Mental workouts can improve memory and problem-solving skills, improving overall cognitive health.

How to Join a Virtual Choir as a Senior

The process of joining a virtual choir is easy. Here are quick steps to get you started:

  1. Research Virtual Choir Options: Consider which aligns best with your interests, schedule, and preferences. Some choirs may focus on specific genres of music, while others may offer a broader repertoire.

  2. Check Technical Requirements: Ensure you have the necessary technology and equipment. This typically includes a computer, tablet, smartphone, webcam, and microphone for virtual rehearsals and performances.

  3. Sign Up or Register: This may involve filling out an online form, creating an account on a choir platform or website, or contacting the choir director directly.

  4. Attend Orientation or Information Sessions: Attend these sessions to familiarize yourself with the choir's procedures and meet fellow participants.

  5. Participate in Rehearsals: Virtual choirs typically hold rehearsals through video conferencing platforms like Skype or Zoom. Attend rehearsals regularly and collaborate with fellow choir members.

  6. Enjoy the Experience: Celebrate your achievements, embrace the companionship of the choir community, and enjoy making music together from the comfort of your home.

Final Thoughts: The Joy of Singing in a Virtual Choir

Virtual choir singing is a joyful and inspiring experience. It can help seniors socialize and find a sense of purpose. It is also a great way to remain active, and can have numerous mental and physical health benefits. 


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