Where to Start When Moving to a Senior Living Community

You have decided to move to a senior living community and have narrowed down your options to your favorites. Now it’s time to prepare for the move! Where do you even begin? What can you expect in the coming months? Below are tips to help you prepare.

Enjoy the Community Before the Actual Move

Many senior communities welcome new residents by offering them access to on-site events, activities, amenities, and services before they move in. This helps you get to know your new surroundings and neighborhood at your own pace. You can start experiencing every service the community offers right away, or take things slowly. By the time you make the move, you will already have acquaintances and know your way around.

Another reason to visit ahead of time is to see the layout of your new space. This helps you visualize how you will organize your new apartment and what belongings you can carry without cluttering the space.  

While touring the community, don’t be afraid to start a conversation or ask fellow residents how to make the most out of your experience. You will often be amazed at where simple conversations can lead to.

Solidify Your Finances

Senior living is a big financial decision so it’s a good idea to have a budget in place to guide you.

Have clear answers to the following questions:

  • How much more will it cost if you or your partner requires more care?

  • Will you need to sell any assets to afford your move to a community?

  • Is the community offering any specials right now?

  • What fees aren’t included in the listed price?

Sorting and Organizing

Another big part of the moving process is consolidating belongings. It can be tricky for people to part with things that have played a sentimental role in their lives. Therefore, you will have to be considerate when packing your possessions. Here are some questions to guide you when decluttering:

  • Does it have sentimental value?

  • Will I really need this?

  • How often will I use this?

  • Do I have a duplicate of this item?

Some other sorting and organizing tips include:

  • Take inventory of all belongings.

  • Take photos of things that hold memories but are taking up significant space.

  • Have a designated space for all items you intend to keep.

  • Label storage bins to stay organized.

Change of Address

A move comes with a new address. Notify the post office of an address change at least a month before the date of the move. Remember to provide relatives and friends with the new address to ensure smooth mail delivery within the first few months of your move.

All banks, cell phone providers, and organizations you engage with should be notified. Some internet and phone providers allow transfer of service. However, in instances where a service will no longer be available, a cancellation must be placed.

Enlist Help for Moving Day

The saying, “Many hands make light work,” rings true when moving. Seek help from friends and family members to help make your moving easier.

If you have limited help, a Senior Move Manager can be a valuable resource to consider. These are firms accredited by the National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers. They have staff who are trained in planning and moving seniors ethically and safely.

Remember that everyone’s situation is unique. Adapt these tips to suit your circumstances. With the right support and preparation, the move to a senior living community will be a positive step towards ensuring your well-being and quality of life for years to come.


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