At Merrill Gardens, we like to celebrate all of the incredible activities happening at our communities across the country! Whether it’s arts, crafts, or gardening, we have certainly stayed busy this spring.

Merrill Gardens at West Covina (CA) has been bustling with delightful culinary and gardening activities. Recently, residents enjoyed a special Culinary Hour where they crafted delicious, sweet treats and parfaits. This event not only showcased their culinary skills but also fostered a sense of community as residents came together to share their creations and recipes. Alongside these culinary delights, they have also been busy in the garden.

Residents have found immense joy in planting and tending to a variety of flowers and vegetables. The therapeutic benefits of gardening have been evident, with smiles and a sense of accomplishment shining on every face. The combination of these culinary and gardening activities has created a vibrant and engaging atmosphere at West Covina, enriching the lives of all our residents.


Also in California, Santa Maria residents recently enjoyed an enriching trip to the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes National Wildlife Refuge, a location rich in history in our Central Coast community.

They spent the cloudy day exploring and learning fascinating facts about the area. They discovered the set from the classic movie "The Ten Commandments," was buried here and that parts of it were recently recovered, and brought to a local museum. The trip also included a visit to the museum, where residents saw artifacts from the film and other historical exhibits.

This outing provided a wonderful opportunity for residents to connect with the local history and enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach.

Merrill Gardens at Kirkland (WA) is buzzing with excitement as they host the City of Kirkland Senior Council Art Show from June 7-21! This year's show has drawn an impressive 175 entries, showcasing the incredible talent within the greater-Kirkland community. The event kicked off with a lively atmosphere, where residents, friends, family, and visitors gathered to admire the stunning artworks on display. Adding to the festive mood, the Blue Notes Jazz Band played soulful tunes, creating a perfect backdrop for an afternoon of art appreciation and socializing. The combination of vibrant art and beautiful music made this event truly unforgettable, highlighting the creativity and artistic spirit of our community. We are proud to celebrate such an inspiring and joyful occasion, bringing everyone together in appreciation of the arts. 

Merrill Gardens at Lafayette (CA) has been swarming with creativity and excitement! As of late, residents participated in a vibrant Plumeria Painting Class, generously sponsored by Hillendale Home Care and led by the talented instructor, Shirley.

The class was a resounding success, with residents enthusiastically creating beautiful tropical flowers on their canvases. The room was filled with laughter and artistic expression as everyone enjoyed the chance to explore their creative side and produce stunning pieces of art. The colorful plumeria paintings now adorn our community, adding a cheerful and tropical touch to our surroundings. This event was not just about painting but also about fostering a sense of shared joy among our residents.

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into life at a Merrill Gardens community. Our residents' dedication to their passions continues to blossom, creating beautiful, serene spaces for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for more updates on what we are up to this summer!


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