Why Summer Is a Great Time to Move!

There’s never been a bad time to consider moving into senior living. However, picking a specific time of the year can help ease the transition. Here are some reasons why moving during early summer is the best decision you can make.

The Weather

For many areas, winter brings colder temperatures, snow, mud, and slush, all of which make it difficult to move boxes and furniture. Summer brings warm and more comfortable temperatures throughout the day and evening. These are the perfect conditions for traveling and moving household items. Summer also brings warmer temperatures, which reduces the chance of a cold or flu interfering.

Extra Daylight Hours

Although the summer doesn’t technically have longer days, it does feel like you can get more done during longer daylight hours. When you are handling a long list of to-do’s in anticipation of a big move, the sunlight can help by improving mood and increasing Vitamin D.

Ideal Home Selling Season

Houses are more likely to sell faster and for a better price during summer than in fall or winter. There are several reasons for this.

First, more people are likely to search for a new house when the weather warms up in summer. Second, many people stay indoors during winter, but warm summer weather makes them ready for a change. Third, families are better equipped to house hunt and complete the actual move since this is the longest school break of the year.

Lastly, if your house has a patio or backyard, you can use the summer period to inspire your tour guests. They can envision themselves holding backyard parties, or other outdoor activities. Many people enjoy creating memories at home, so if they decide to buy your property, showcase all the different ways they can.

Fewer Calendar Conflicts

The calendar quickly fills up with holidays and other events once fall arrives. This can make moving plans challenging. Most people focus on their festive celebrations with families and friends and aren’t in the mood to hunt for a new living situation. Planning your move in the summer means you will have enough time to decide how you will celebrate new festivities when the next holiday season arrives.

More Opportunities for Outdoor Activities

Moving in summer allows you to explore your new surroundings in accommodating weather. Many senior living communities have outdoor activities and special outings planned regularly. This is the perfect time to:

  • Bask in sunshine
  • Meet new neighbors
  • Explore outdoor dining options
  • Enjoy outdoor activities like gardening, birding, walking, and exercise (yoga/tai chi).
  • Participate in local events (concerts, festivals, farmer’s markets)

Many people want an easy transition into a new home, and there are many benefits to doing this in the summertime.  


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